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Posted on November 21, 2022
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Salary $73.50 per hr/ 1099 full time position

Statement of Work-Optometry Services

The provision of Optometry Services for the inmate population at the Federal Bureau of Prisons Federal 
Correctional Institution (FCI) Greenville, located in Greenville, Illinois. FCI Greenville houses both male and female inmates. Male offenders are housed inside the FCI and female offenders are housed at the Federal Prison Camp.

Place of Performance
Services will be performed in the Health Services Units of the FCI and the FPC, located at 100 US Hwy. 40 and 4th Street, Greenville, Illinois 62246.

Period. A monthly schedule will be agreed upon after award by mutual agreement of all parties. This schedule is subject to change
To meet the needs of the institution. The contractor will normally work between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm 
Sessions will require prior approval by the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) 

Education and Experience
The Optometrist must have the ability to work with an inmate population from a variety of cultural, regional, racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Must have knowledge of routine office-related duties including working knowledge of computers, 
word processing programs and be able to type. The optometrist must possess good organizational skills, good interpersonal relationship skills and be able to work effectively with the medical staff. The Optometrist must hold a diploma from an accredited program and must possess 2 years’ experience in Optometry. Additionally, the Optometrist shall also hold a current professional license that permits him/her to practice the 
professional specialty of Optometry. The Optometrist cannot have had a negative employment termination within 36 months prior to initiating vouchering process on them. The contractor shall ensure submitted prospective employee(s) meet the requirements of the vouchering process as described in the Civilian Personnel Manual 3000.03. The Optometrist’s name, work experience and proof of 
qualifications must be provided at the time the quote is submitted. The Optometrist must pass the security clearances listed in the BPA. 
The Optometrist must provide proof that they meet all qualifications and provide verification of credentials, proof of malpractice insurance and medical indemnification insurance in the amount specified in the BPA. Failure to submit this information may result in elimination from consideration.

Health Requirements
The contractor shall ensure that the Optometrist is free of infectious diseases. Any individual performing as an 
Optometrist under this contract who subsequently develops a medical condition which might reasonably be expected to place other workers, patients, or the public at risk shall be immediately removed from activities requiring performance of invasive procedures and activities which might reasonably be expected to place other workers, patients, or the public at risk. In any such case, the contractor shall be responsible, at No additional cost to the institution, for securing the services of any replacement personnel required for contract performance.

Equipment and Supplies
All necessary equipment and supplies needed to perform the services covered will be furnished by the Federal 
Government. If specific supplies and/or equipment is necessary for the provision of required services, he/she shall forward the request to the Health Services Administrator (HSA).

Description of Duties
The contractor shall be responsible for the following tasks:
- Evaluation of patients as referred by the medical staff.
- Providing legible written reports on all patients evaluated, to include but not limited to:
     - Eye exams as requested
     - Diagnosis of eye conditions
     - Removal of foreign objects from the eye
     - Physical findings
     - Tonometry exams
     - Recommendations for treatment and follow-up care
     - Prescribing corrective lenses/frames as appropriate
     - Fitting of eye glasses and adjustment of frames
     - Individualized adjustment of exam equipment as needed
     - Contractor must complete a minimum of 20 and up to 25 scheduled exams per eight session day
     - Utilize the Bureau of Prisons’ Electronic Medical Record to document the eye exam.

Dymentum Health

100 US Hwy. 40 and 4th Street
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